Admission Requirements


The management of St Christopher’s Private School will use its discretion to admit learners to the school, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Parents and learners will honour the Mission and Vision statements of St Christopher’s Private School.
  2. The medium of instruction at St Christopher’s Private School is English.  Learners requesting admission for Grade 2 and higher must have full command of the English language to the extent that the learner will be able to function in this context.  Grade 1 learners are exempt from this rule, but before promotion to Grade 2, must demonstrate that they have achieved a satisfactory level of communication.
  3. By signing the registration for the learner and the parents / guardians subject themselves to the rules, code of conduct and regulations of the school.
  4. Learners are subject to prescribed rules and code of conduct of the school.  Parents are compelled to ensure that the learner respects and obeys the rules of the school, in order to maintain order and discipline in the school.
  5. As it is a Private School and the total business is based on the school fees of the learners, learners who do not fulfil the obligations will be refused admission to the school.
  6. Only learners, whose ages correspond with the average class age, will be admitted to the school and to the stipulated grade.
  7. Should learners no longer comply with the necessary requirements for admittance to the school, or are in conflict with these conditions or disobey school rules, the owner and the School Management Teams (SMT) have the right to request the parents / guardian to remove the said learners from the school.
  8. Should there be any uncertainty concerning the admission requirements as stipulated in this document, the owner’s interpretation thereof will be final.
  9. At the end of Grade 9, in 2019, all learners have to apply for admission to Grade 10.  No learner will be admitted automatically.